Roasted Herb Beef Tenderloin

Beef Tenderloin150

Beef Tenderloin150 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Y’all saw the title right?You probably did because if you didn’t you probably wouldn’t be reading this. So this has herb AND spice. That is a lot of flavor! I love spices and seasonings. I do!! I love to put a bunch of seasonings on.Like when I make lamb I put herbs and a bunch of seasonings on it. I love to do this with lamb but the best ingredient to do this with is beef. Beef is such a tender rich piece of meat.All the seasonings and textures are on one piece of meat But the finish protect looks and taste amazing. I was always a carnivor. I love rare meat and ribs and big meaty steak. So this beef is up my alley!!!!!!!!!! I love herbs. As a kid we would always,every year  do  a garden. My dad knew how to garden! We would grow tomatoes, squash,peppers, pumpkins, carrots, radishes,even cabbage . My mom would always grow herbs  in these big pots on the deck. We would grow them from seeds and water them everyday and put them in the corner of the deck so they get perfect sunlight. We grew basil,parsley, and rosemary. That was the usual  but we grew other things to. Anyway, the point of this was I grew up growing and cooking with herbs.If you roast something with herbs its always good(if you cook  it right) turkey,chicken,lamb,duck,veal,beef its all cooked a lot with herbs.The herbs juices always soak into the meat and it taste great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love beef. My family has always prefered beef over pork and chicken. We have always loved red meat. Growing up, we had a lot of herbed beef. I wanted to bring it back because it was one of  my favorite meals to have. Served with bread, potatoes,and green beans are the best sides and my personal favorite!! A glass of red wine is the best thing ever to have with this! This stuff is truely amazing! I needed another recipe to put up so I was going threw some of my older recipes and I found this. I forgot about this recipe and it brought back so many memories!

I really want some of this now. That is the problem. I love to blog so I try to do it whenever I can, but I have a food blog. Whenever I post a recipe, I start craving it because its so good! Like seriously I’m dying so lets get started!


Cook-35 minutes

Ready- 6 hours 55 minutes


2 tablespoons fresh rosemary  

2 tablespoons fresh thyme leaves 

2 bay leaves 

1 tablespoon fresh sage

4 cloves garlic 

1 large shallot, peeled and quartered 

1 tablespoon grated orange zest

Salt and Pepper 

1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg 

1/4 teaspoon ground cloves 

2 tablespoons olive oil 

2 (2 pound) beef tenderloin roasts, trimmed 



In a food processor, combine rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, garlic, shallot, orange zest, salt, pepper, nutmeg, and cloves. Add oil and process until smooth. Spread mixture evenly over all sides of tenderloins. Place beef in a large glass baking dish. Cover with tin foil, and refrigerate for at least 6 hours(or over night).

Preheat oven to 400 Place tenderloins on a rack in a large roasting pan.Roast beef in preheated oven until a meat thermometer says 140 degrees when put  into center of beef, about 35 minutes. Remove from oven, and cover loosely with foil- let stand for 10 minutes. Slice Slice and Serve


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