Rosemary and Butter Rolls

WHB #86 : Rosemary Rolls

 Rosemary Rolls (Photo credit: kochtopf)


LOVE!!!!!!! We are getting hot over here!!!!! We have a match, Butter and Rosemary!!!!!!!! Together forever and make the perfect rolls!!!! Bow if you are like me, I’m busy!!!!!! I don’t have time to make homemade dough!!! So I used Pillsbury! But with some seasoning and herbs threw on melted butter!!!!! Yummy and Quick!!!!  So y’all might ask, how did you come up with such an amazing dish? Well I will tell you, I was making the Pillsbury rolls in the spring and I took a quick step outside. I saw in the big pots that I plant herbs I had a ton of rosemary. Now,I was making some kind of meat but I don’t remember what. I opened my spice rack I have (my favorite drawer in the kitchen!) to get some salt and pepper, I saw some Garlic Powder. I opened up the fridge to get lemons and it just popped! It took my like 30 seconds to function my idea and I just went right to it!!!They are healthy easy quick dinner rolls!!!! What can be better! The truth is, Nothing can be better!! I’m loving it!!! It taste great in a gravy with mashed potatoes!!!! That is what I made the first day!!!It rocks the house!!!!!! I love dinner butter rolls!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are the perfect rolls for dinner and they are buttery! They suit their name!!!!Go with everything!!!!!!!

What an easy dish!! I love bread. I love serving it before my main course or wit it. These give a new flavor to a meal! Traditoinal butter rolls are great, the butter keeps the bread moist. These are butter rolls with just a few extra flavors. The Rosemary cooks and all the juices come out onto the rolls and garlic powder, OMG the best thing!! The rolls all ready have a fresh flavor, this is just a little extra to give it some pop!

They are the easiest rolls ever because I kinda cheated and bought the dough. Its easier and it gives my time to relax. I can make these just minutes before dinner. They don’t take hours to rise which is awesome! These are simple and delicious!

Lets Go!


  • 2 cans Pillsbury dinner rolls
  • 2 tablespoons rosemary,chopped
  • 2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 stick butter, melted


  1.  Preheat oven to 350
  2. Put rolls in a pan(size called for on box)
  3. Pour melted butter over rolls and sprinkle Rosemary on top
  4. Bake for time called for on box
  5. Sprinkle on Garlic powder, make sure you get
  6. Serve and Enjoy!!!!!!

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