Tips for Great Cooking

  • Never estimate! Always measure!
  • Instead of canned or frozen, by fresh food!
  • Under bake your cookies by about 7 minutes, then let them cool for about 12! This way, they will be soft and chewy!
  • Substitute sour cream for greek yogurt in things like banana bread
  • The more brown the bananas are, the sweeter
  • Always make stock in a large portion and freeze it in plastic bags
  • Cook pasta one minute less then it says on the box, cook the rest of it in the pan with sauce
  • When making sandwiches, spread the mustard or mayo corner to corner
  • Cook low and slowly
  • Smash Garlic cloves in a plastic bag
  • When seasoning a salad, use coarse salt
  • Always use sharp, not dull  knives!Grind in bacon, onions, cheese,etc when grinding your own beef for burgersd
  • Don’t slice cake any more then 20 minutes before serving!
  • Clean and Taste as you go
  • Zest directly into the other ingredients
  • When making caramel, use a nonstick pot
  • Fresh Fish dose not smell fishy
  • Sear chicken skin side down first

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